Rescue Journal

today at saints...

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2017

johanna's little guys are back at saints..johanna fell and broke her arm and is awaiting surgery. anne drove in to vancouver to pick them up so johanna can take care of herself without one arm wrangling of 3 tiny beings. hope you feel better quickly johanna, the little ones are well settled into their new digs so please don't worry about them.

those damn rabbits. the communal bonding has not been going well. a couple of the rabbits are being aggressive and several others are hiding out of the way. i told erin today to remove faith, sullivan and hope, hoping that would settle them down. but with terrorist faith gone, treat lost his mind and came flying out and attacked the rest of the bunnies. treat is a small (and yes bravely stupid) rabbit...he got the crap kicked out of him before the staff could intervene. he has been sent back to the old rabbit area until we can come up with a revised plan for him. with the three giant white rabbits and itty bitty freakoid treat out..the others seem more relaxed.

erin snapped this photo of joy...

joy loves her new ball!
thx so much michelle!!!

and jackie caught this candid photo of vinnie trying to bring his 2 big sticks home...

hey vinnie..they are not going to fit thru the gate!



Cute pics and I'm sorry to hear the bunny bonding is not going well. Just catching up on the blog so maybe there is a happy ending coming up :)

shelagh f

I guess it was Treat, he was like a ninja, rushing out and attacking
the much larger white bunny. I had such a nice surprise, June was at the
barn and she came up to me and was asking to be petted and
kept coming back for more. They were all so relaxed and happy
hanging out at the barn, of course the most bossy one was the
smallest, Rockstar, telling everyone off at every opportunity.
All the best Joanna, it will take a little time to get back to normal