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catching up on updates...

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2017

i am trying to acclimatize to my new job while keeping on top of saints stuff. my brain is a bit full.

i can't remember if i introduced dudley? new 13 yr old cockapoo whose owner passed away? anyway, whether i did or not...
he is adorable and totally sweet.

new old wrecked cat huckleberry is doing ok...not a huge fan of other cats. he is booked for a dental so hopefully with his painful mouth fixed, he might be in a more social mood.

big bear is doing ok...erin is quick to point out that he no longer needs to be on my "do something about him" list. i don't think his issues have gone away, we are just more comfortable in dealing with them.

little bear is fine.

hyde is marginally getting better.

june is marginally getting worse.

new bunny sparky had his neuter today.

the staff are still flushing summers chronic knee wound every day. looks like the infection is gone, just need it to fill in and heal.

new crippled chicken is coming in tomorrow. she will be housed in the new rabbit room while we work on getting her parasite free. then we are hoping to bond her with charlie (our resident crippled rooster.)

the new configuration of rabbits in the new rabbit room has worked out well. once sparky recovers from his neuter, we will move the rest of the rabbits to the new room.

we have grass starting to grow in the new bunny garden and i am really happy about that! thx to staff member shelley for figuring out my watering problems that were driving me nutz!

i caught shelagh painting our new recycle bin looks really nice!

crap! i almost forgot!! little timmy went off to his very own great home today...yay!!!

i think that brings us all up to date on the recent news.



Erin I love this pic!!!
Sorry my new work schedule is keeping me away. Miss u all!!!!!!!


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