Rescue Journal

we said good bye to buddy today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2017

he was tired, he was sick. he didn't want to eat anymore and that incredibly bright light of his had faded. the combination of end stage kidney disease and cancer wore his life out of him.

if i were to think of only two words to describe buddy and his philosophy on life, it would be loyal and joyful.

in the past couple of weeks, his joyousness waned, but his loyalty remained solid.

buddy never got a real home of his own in these past half a dozen years not because nobody wanted him. it was because buddy didn't want one. saints was the home that he chose and we were his family by his choice. he never wanted anyone or anything better.

it is a gift to be so well loved by a soul as pure as Buddy's.

I will miss him carrying around his ball and stashing it in the food bowl while he snacked.
i will miss his utter happiness as he ran around the bottom field barking and chasing the other dogs in joyful abandon.
i will miss his inhaling his breakfast, lunch, and supper and then his ever hopeful quest to inhale the other dogs leftovers.

but most of all i will miss the way his eyes gazed upon me, like i was the sun in his world.

love you buddy, find june and tell her that you two were the sunshine in my world.


Linda Ciccozzi

Just read the very sad news of Buddy's passing. Things won't be the same without that beautiful boy....he was the bright light to any room. RIP big boy🐾💕


My heart goes out to you Carol and for everyone as you cope the loss of sweet Buddy.
Hugs to u all.

Brenda Mc

Oh sweet sweet boy.....RIP dear were very special to all of us. Hugs to you Carol🌈❤

Lynne arnason

I am so sorry he was a great part of saints rip sweet boy I can't imagine coming into the computer room and your not there you were greatly loved and will be greatly missed hugs and kisses on your journey


Sweet Buddy.....I remember when you first came to Saints years ago and a few of us were having a picnic in the joined us and I think right then you thought friends & food.....I'm Home.
Over the years you welcomed many dogs thru your computer room....such a Big heart. The room will feel so empty without you...RIP Buddy


What an awful week, I'm so sorry for your loss Carol. Buddy was a true Gem <3

Lenore Henry

I am so sorry Carol. Buddy will be dearly missed - goodbye sweet boy….you will always be in our hearts.


Such sad news,Buddy was very special and he loved Carol very much............sweet dreams Buddy.


What a great dog. It's gonna be hard getting used to him not being there.