Rescue Journal

a very, very sad day today...

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2017

edith was rushed into the vets first thing this morning and assisted to peacefully pass.
she was such a great cat.

edith came in a year? maybe 2? ago...i am not sure, my mind is fried tonight. but i remember when she came in...a hairless skeleton from untreated diabetes and parasite infestations.
but man she was a cool cat..she just kept ticking along. she never reached pretty...her hair while it did grow back, remained quite sparse. she did put on weight mostly because she ate A LOT! edith loved eating and she wasn't picky. we could be feeding the dogs and she just helped herself during meal time preparations. her bowels were thick and enlarged so she always spouted a very rotund pot belly and when she pooped, it was as big as a dogs.
but we loved her. she was bright and cheerful and not afraid of anything. she just motored around where ever she wanted to..mostly in the kitchen, looking for food.

edith and i had this little routine at 9 pm each night, as soon as she knew i was getting zander's insulin ready, she would pop on the counter and wait for hers. it was so cooperative of her to save me searching around to see where she it was convenient for her to position herself in plain view because insulin shots meant a meal was coming her way really soon.

she was an odd looking and funny little cat who wormed her way into all of our hearts.
rest in peace edith, we love and will really miss you.

today we also lost joy. the vet came out to help her peacefully pass away too.

once in a while i get their names so totally right. joy was a joy to all of us here. she was such a calm, kind and gentle cow. she was a wonderful foster mother to emily when she was a tiny babe. and when emily grew up as all babes do, she remained her very best friend.
joy came from the auction, she was sterile, non breedable and therefore useless to a dairy herd. the meat guy was bidding on her but so were we and with joy, we won the cow lottery. she was the perfect friend for our lonely percy and a great mom to orphaned em...the perfect cow family...they all loved each other to the moon and back. percy died a few years ago and today emily wailed with the loss of her mom.
joy died with all of the staff surrounding her, touching her, loving her, giving her comfort.
she died in the heart of love.

rest in peace joy, keep an eye on emily, she really misses her mom.


shelagh f

a whole lot of sadness lately. Thoughts are with everyone,
especially, Emily who has lost her "mom"
and best friend

Lenore Henry

So beautifully written Carol and so very sad - Edith and Joy are at peace now.

Lenore ❤


Too much sadness. Carol, your heart has really taken a beating in the last two or three weeks - as have so many others. Run free now Edith and Joy. Thank you both for just being you. We'll miss you.

Brenda Mc

Holy many huge losses at Saints while I've been away....and now Joy and Edith. So sad.... Really Carol, your heart must be heavy with mourning these past weeks. All such beautiful souls who were lucky enough to be chosen by you to live and be loved as a Saint.
RIP Joy....your name definitely embodied your presence and spirit, and RIP were a very special kitty in the house.
Enough sadness.....Saints needs a happy boost...please


Oh dear it really is sad. Must be a big hurt for you Carol. I agree the name for Joy was perfect.

My cat is also very in tune with his insulin injections. I bring out the brush and he knows that after the shot he gets a good going over and absolutely loves it.