Rescue Journal

another sad day at saints

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2017

airabelle passed away today. when she came in from far up north, she had an aggressive mammary cancer. she had surgery to remove the tumors and altho we hoped it hadn't, we knew it might have spread.
airabelle suddenly stop eating and began vomiting, we took her into the vets. the xrays and blood work were not conclusive...cancer or a massive internal abscess? she was rushed over to Boundry Bay Specialty Hospital for an emergency ultrasound and hopefully a possible surgery. unfortunately her liver was full of tumors and she was beginning to bleed out. airabelle was helped to pass peacefully away with erin and renee at her side.

airabelle was happy here, and erin was not just her primary caregiver...she was part of her family that was rooted in mutual love and respect. her shy and anxious daughter, clover. who depended on airabelle to make her world safe, feels alone and afraid right now.
but clover is not alone here, she has made friends with ella and harry and erin loves her as much as she loved her mother.
clover will be treasured and well loved with us, i think airabelle knows this and is at peace leaving her daughter safe in our hands.

airabelle, you were a beautifully kind and loving dog and will be so greatly missed.

and another sad loss....

mo lost her beloved ripley this morning, he and his brother gizmo were two of the very first saints. i called them the box babies. 5 tiny, flea infested kittens abandoned in a box 13 years ago in the middle of a heat wave. only three were alive when they were found and i named them tinderbox, tacklebox and trinketbox. trinket died within a few days but against all odds tackle and tinder made it. these two were phenomenal babes, i had never met anyone like them and i intended to keep them...that is until mo came. she saw right away how special they were and when she offered them a home, i knew they would be incredibly loved by her.
2 little very special tossed away cats..and mo loved them with all of her heart.
rest in peace gizmo beside your carries you both safely forever inside her huge heart.



Majorly blindsided and wasn't prepared for the water works on my lunch break. Hearing of all the losses lately combined with sweet Airabelle has def hit a cord.
She was an amazing, gentle, sweet and loveable soul. Such a joy and as mentioned above she loved her belly rubs :)
I am sad for Clover and hope the adjustment isn't too hard. She is in great hands, this I know.
Hugs to u all and to others that have lost loved ones too.


So very sorry Mo. I think it was Lincoln that left the door ajar, but Im with ya Laura, thats enough.


Oh my freaking god now sweet Airabelle!!!
She was the Best Belly Rub recipient. Wrap your loving energy around your dear Clover. RIP
Really HUGE HUG to Carol and all the staff who have been living this everyday
Now like Mo says....."shut the f'n door"


The sad days just keep coming, sweet dreams Airabelle and Ripley. Poor Clover will be lost without her Mom.

Brenda Mc

Wow....Saints seems to be caught up in a sea of sadness right now, and the waves of tears keep hitting hard. So sorry Carol, Erin and Mo
RIP Airabele and Ripley


Rest in peace, Airabelle. you were a beautiful giirl. Gonna miss you. I hope Clover is OK. Going to be tough for her. And Mo - sorry, sorry, sorry.f


The sadness keeps on coming. Hopefully, happier days are ahead (for awhile at least). So sorry on your loss of Ripley, Erin. So sad to hear about Airabelle. Such a sweet, sweet girl. Poor Clover will miss her mom so much.