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carrying on....

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2017

clover is having a hard time. she tore off three nails today in a meltdown when one of the staff took ella out for a walk. and she started to flip out again when it was harry's turn. we are going to close that room down over the weekend to decrease clovers stress. harry and ella will have to forgo walks for a few days until she settles, she needs both of them with her right now.

we had to split the rabbits again due to fighting which kind of sucks. we were hoping for 2 very large communal areas but now one of the communal areas has been split into 3 until we can build one more pen. whatever..the rabbits apparently get to dictate who gets to live where.

bif (the turkey) decided it was a brilliant idea to fence fight with ella the dog. there was tiny quarter inch wire between them but bif got her beak caught in the wire. she has split her beak and broken off the tip. the vets have seen her, cleaned and bandaged it and said it will heal. i am just shaking my head at the stupidity of both of them. fer chrissakes how hard is it to just ignore each other?

sad news for rudy, he is coming up to 31 years old now and has developed several melanoma tumors on his penis under the shaft..the vet said it is too extensive to surgically remove them so we will just watch and wait for them to cause him problems, he is palliative now.

summer the goat is going to have surgery on her knee within the next week or so. the vets have seen her many, many times regarding this knee, we have tried many, many different treatments. nothing is working so it is time to try to fix it surgically.

there was supposed to be a new dog coming here today for possible admission to saints..the family was a no show, tried calling but the mailbox is full so am not sure what is happening.

new old dog flying down from the North West Territories SPCA tomorrow morning...please god let him be a good boy, our asshole spaces are all used up.

these past couple weeks have been brutal for many losses, short staffed, huge looming vet bills, lots of stress and sadness.
but we are problem, one issue solution, one heart break at a foot in front of the other, eyes on the bouncing, erratic ball.

things will better, things will settle, they always do...but in the mean time, there is still work to do.

safe journey to saints new old north dog...sorry, i don't yet know your name (huge thx to shelagh for picking him up at the airport tomorrow for us!).
here is his photo...



I hope he needs a new name. Sounds like a fresh start is needed, nice to have a reminder of why we do what we do.