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Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2017

the past few weeks have been brutal but we don't get to pick certain things in when it decides to end. death is a certainty for all living things and our job is to live as well as we can.
for us that means helping others and not letting anger, resentment or hate rule our minds. there is enough of that dirty shit in the world, those kind of negative and destructive emotions sidelines the evolution of all mankind.

i will never say that love conquers all because love doesn't conquer all. but a personal responsibility to framing the world around us in positive terms and a respect for all living creatures goes a long way to conquering some of the horrific problems in this world.
we are a species of conflict...
i see websites sobbing to save the life of a dog and yet promoting the killing of feral cats.
i see young girls swooning over love of their new horse and yet sending it off for auction a few years later when they can get something competitively better.
i see fathers loving and wanting the best for their sons but marching to destroy the hopes and dreams of other sons.
i see woman who love their babies shaming other mothers over breast and bottle, over attachment theories or cry it out.

do we remember that golden unto others as you would have them do unto you?
it is so fucking simple.
it basically means...don't be an asshole.
no buts, no exceptions..just don't be a jerk.
we can talk about our differences without tearing someones guts out.

on an animal rescue blog in preaching about kindness to animals, i am preaching to the choir of animal loving people.

but what about the muslims, the jews, that asshole racist who happens to be related to you? what about chickens and spiders, and homely old dogs?
what about the autistic child screaming uncontrollably in the next yard? what about the fat person in walmart wearing ill fitting clothes? what about the homeless who could have a shelter near your home? what about the syrians dying while escaping war in overloaded boats? what about your neighbor who hates barking dogs? what about vets who shoot arrows at stray cats? what about men who grab or beat woman, what about woman who hate couples of the same sex? what about a government that turns its back on minorities, on the disabled, on it's veterans, on any one who is different then them?
nazi's killing jews, jews killing palestians, muslims killing christians, christians killing muslims, whites killing blacks, blacks killing whites...human beings of this planet practicing genocide.

their hate, our hate, it really makes no is still hate surrounding us where ever we turn.

we can stand for what we believe in, we can work towards a better big or small things we can really make a huge difference if we do unto others as we want to be done onto.
save a dog, save a cat, save a cow or a pig or a horse from slaughter. save a child from drowning in the sea, save a race or a religon from a bigotted, horribly violent victimization in this world.

for all of our ourselves from destroying our humanity....but don't try to do it with hate or anger or fear.
just do it because life is precious, it is a gift and it is for each of us temporary.
none of us can live forever, we are just temps..but we can use the time we have to make this world better.
it starts with making ourselves better.



Well said, if everyone had as much insight and compassion the world would be a truly amazing place


A visiting Western Buddhist nun said; "If you want world peace, begin with inner peace."