Rescue Journal

daniel passed away today

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2017

he was one of our sweet rabbits. erin noticed this morning that he was acting strangely, a little bit wobbly and seemingly confused and rushed him down to the vets. his body temperature had dropped dangerously low and there was blood in his rectum. a quick blood sugar check revealed his blood sugar levels were thru the roof, in the end they diagnosed hypovolemic shock secondary to ketoacidosis so maybe he was an unknown, out of control diabetic (but none of us knew anything about diabetes in rabbits, it is virtually unheard of.) he was however overweight, but also the blood sugar levels in rabbits can rise significantly when under great stress, and he was very ill and at the vets which would have constituted great stress. he could have had something like a pancreatic tumor which was messing up his insulin production, or any other number of things wrong that we just don't know so at this point anything is just a guess. in any case he continued to deteriorate quickly, the vet felt there really was no hope that he could come back from this and we made the decision to help him peacefully pass. these kind of sudden and unexpected life threatening events are upsetting to all of us here, it is hard enough losing them but not knowing what happened makes it even worse.

logan is so going to miss his friend and the staff and volunteers will greatly miss him as well.
rest in peace daniel, you were a very sweet rabbit, we are truly sorry we couldn't save you.



Sweet Daniel, It's sad that someone dumped you but I'm glad you found your way to my carport and then to Saints were you enjoyed 5 years of love, care & friendship.


Oh Daniel. Breaks my heart. So glad he got to go outside and run around in the sunshine on Sunday. It's often so hard to tell when bunnies are sick. Being prey animals, they don't show how ill they are until it's too late. He was a sweet bunny. Run free little one. We will miss you, Logan most of all.