Rescue Journal

grieving is not limited to humans.

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2017

new little sweet dog in....mel is an adorable multipoo whose owner passed away last week. her family desperately tried to keep her but severe allergies got in the way. They did try to find her a home with friends and neighbors but mel is old and leaking urine so that made it pretty difficult to find her a new home. lucky for mel she showed up when i popped home to check on everything, genuine heartbreaking tears from her owners highly allergic daughter and mel's own sad, sad little face...not even i am tough enough to say no to that.

i was thinking later, we humans are lucky tho. when life kicks us in the guts, and death steals our loved ones away...we can cry. we can talk about it with our friends and family. we can practice soul soothing rituals..celebrations of life, going thru old photo albums, re-telling sweet memories...when my mom died, i wore her bathrobe for years, it was like a hug from her. we can share at least part of our grief with others, and we understand that all life is limited even if we think death is grossly unfair.

but what about these orphaned animals? loved one gone, home sweet home disappears, suddenly surrounded in strange place by strangers?
i know how deeply emotional are animals lives....yet when life turns upside down and inside is only inside their very soul that their lonely and lost hearts can actually cry.
well the truth of the matter is mel is grieving the loss of her friend, the loss of her home, the loss of the world that she could understand.
and yet she is far stronger than you or i because she will get thru this in order to survive.
one day soon, we will see the joy of life again in her just sucks to be her until then.

we will love you, care for you and one day maybe find another great home for you...and one day mel, you will once again smile.

welcome to saints mel, it will be ok.


Lenore Henry

Mel is the sweetest little girl - she will be loved at Saints....❤️


Her owners daughter seemed quite upset when dropping her off to us, Mel must have meant a great deal to the woman's parents. We'll make sure she feels just as loved in our care.