Rescue Journal

saints will be welcoming balto later today.

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2017

pixie had that massive bladder stone surgically removed. she is home recovering confined in a cage for a few days in the back cat room.

new dog from yellowknife arriving today...not king, he got switched out for unneutered senior with arthritic pain issues.

i am a bit nervous about his arrival..firstly i won't be here (working overtime) and secondly because stella who was supposed to be a good dog (ok she is a really good dog but she is a diva and has other dog issues) has tossed a wrench in our plans of taking in another northern dog by taking up our last solo living space. so i am not sure what we will do if balto decides to join the "i am sometimes a royal pain in the ass" bear, diesel, oscar, zander, robbie, kyah, simon and enok.
whatever, i am sure we will figure it out.

every day, something new to stress us all out.
doing it well in rescue means you are pretty much always working hard to figure things out.

most folks like 2 weeks on a beach in hawaii to de-stress and relax...i would be happy with just a couple of days of no problem solving in any and all capacity!

(huge thx shelagh for picking balto up at the less problem for today!!!)


shelagh f

Balto is a really nice old guy, we had a bit of an adventure today,
he and I, maybe he will tell you sometime.


Where's the bladder stone pic? I might do a fb post about it (and the importance of vet care)