Rescue Journal

a whole whackadoodle of new saints in the wings.

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2017

a goose, 2 miniature chickens, and a elderly blind jack russell terrier whose owners are moving from a hobby farm and are unable to take their pets when they move. they found homes for all of the other animals but not these last 4 and they are out of time now as they move at the end of this week.

a hit by a car young cat over at the Animal Emergency Hospital of the Fraser Valley..fractured spine at the base of the tail, neurogenic bladder (ie needs manual daily expressing) current owners have paid the bill up to today of $3000. but they are now tapped out and due to family circumstances are unable to manage the ongoing lifelong care. we have taken over, she will have a neurology consult and IF she can tolerate the daily bladder expressions without too much pain and stress (some bladders spasm and it REALLY hurts to have them expressed) then she can come here. if however it is all too much for her, then it will be kinder to let her go.
hope floats for Tesla that saints can be her new home.

and a 3 yr old siamese cat who for some unknown reason stopped eating about a month ago. the family was trying to syringe feed but they weren't able to get enough in her to fend off fatty liver disease. she is now in fatty liver failure at Eastridge Animal Hospital. they will be inserting a feeding tube to try to reverse the liver damage. if they are successful, she will come here once she is stable. she might need the tube feed for awhile, but we can do that here once she is on the mend until she is able to eat on her own again.
hope floats for this little cat that she recovers well.

balto had a vet check today...he coughed most of last night so i was worried he had kennel cough or a cardiac issue..luckily no to both. he does have a really bad tooth and needs a dental and the vets think he might have irritated his throat when he ripped up his blanket during his coming to saints transit. he has had his pre-dental blood work so once that is back, he should be good to go for the dental. renee said he was really great at the vets, super sweet dog. yay we deserve one of those!!!



A goose... oh no!!! Another bird that terrifies me haha. And im JUST getting used to the Turkeys running at my feet >.<