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Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2017

tesla didn't make it, she was euthanized in the ER today.
we didn't know you tesla but we wanted to.
i have let her family know that she did not make it. they tried their best for her.
rest in peace tesla, the pain is gone now forever.

rags..the little 3 yr old cat in fatty liver failure had his feeding tube inserted today. apparently he is doing ok.

the staff noticed that mel had blood in her urine so they rushed in a urine spec. the vet just called, lots of blood, bacteria and crystals. probably has a bladder stone which would explain her incontinence issues. her actual saints admission vet checked is booked for early next week when she will have some blood work and now a bladder xray. in the meantime the vet ordered antibiotics to deal with the infection which needs to be cleared up before we contemplate surgery anyway.

i do believe that our dear little stella is coming out of having lost her mind. she is much more settled and was trying to make friends with mel thru the gate wire, her eyes are much clearer and focused and she is not so upset. we will start working at getting her used to the other dogs now that she is back inside her right head.

balto is doing well altho i heard that enok was a bit of a jerk to him today, nothing major, enok stops being a jerk the second you are on to him. i keep telling everyone..enok did not survive 10 years on the far north sled line by being a nice, easy going guy. my analogy about enok is..he is a street thug, hanging out with the amish and pretending he is amish too...except...i am not buying it. and i don't care how good he is being when i happen to be looking...that dog has a kick ass side, he needed it his whole previous life in order to survive. we will be looking for a single pet unsupervised K9 camaraderie for you know who.
he is lucky he is so freaking cute pretending to be a sweet tempered fool.

paris (our dove) and chicky (our crippled chicken) had a vet visit today. the vet said paris can live with our budgies so we are going to re-commission the old bird aviaries and put them back into use again...who knows? maybe chicky will join them. i am thinking on that.

i think that is all the recent news.


shelagh f

I am a bit biased, but Balto is seriously wonderful, minus the
separation anxiety. I went to say hi to him today at the barn,
and he was sitting and just waiting for me to get thru the gate.
I think he was telling me he was having fun. Pixie looks like
a different dog, full of beans, I love Dudley, and now Mel too.
So many nice animals at Saints