Rescue Journal

the other thing i want to talk about is...

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2017

hate in rescue.

there is a mantra in the animal loving world...."i love all animals but i hate people."
the two legged upright walking kind?
the human animal is part of the animal kingdom..we are just a different species.
so do we hate all humans...even tiny newborn babies? sweet little five year olds listening to bedtime stories? gandmothers and grandfathers walking with canes? the teen down the street with a mohawk and piercings?
do we hate humans whose skin is light or dark? who are tall or short, with blue or brown eyes?
do we hate the fat person shopping in walmart or the skinny person homeless on the street?
do we hate some humans just because we think we are better than them?

if we love horses do we love mares but hate geldings?
do we love pitbulls but hate feral cats?
do we love parrots but hate rabbits?
is a white goat more love worthy than a spotted goat?

if a dog deserves better than homelessness and abuse...doesn't a cat? a rabbit? a child? a disabled person?
if a pitbull can suffer prejudice and be misunderstood...cannot a gay, a transgender, muslim, a christian, a jew?
if a broken down horse needs a little kindness and understanding...does not a broken down human?

i love all animals but hate people is like saying i love all animals but i hate cows. so you really don't actually love all animals because you hate those poor darn cows.
hate for any species has no place in rescue...every single animal of every single species has living value...including people.
if you love all animals, then you must love people because we are animals too.

all living creatures are born, they live, they die. all living creatures face hardship or heartbreak at some point in their lives. all living creatures do value their own life.
every life comes and goes in the blink of the cosmic eye...every moment any of us get is precious so why hate anyone's moment of life?

this doesn't mean we have to agree with everyone we meet in life...but we don't have to hate them either. will never hurt us to try to be respectful and kind.


Ethan S

Lynne arnason hate will never change those people hate will only cause you and those around you distress. Loving those whose actions you hate is the only way to create a better future for all

Lynne arnason

It is well said I don't hate people but some of their actions against other living beings in this world I do hate we r the superior species we control the world and it is not always nice or fair this world is not our god given right some treat people just as horribly as they treat animals I am way more likely to have empathy for the poor animal who is about to become our food than for the person who is slaughtering them I realize there r so many good people in this world but for every good person there is a cruel person those people I think I do deserve to hate