Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2017

Arnold the goose, penny and betsy the worlds tiniest chickens, and lego the blind 14 yr old JRT/rat terrier cross have arrived. all of them are super cute...pixie is having a fit barking at the new dog, and arnold is a wee bit upset but other than that so far all is well.

little bear will be going back to the clinic tomorrow for the third day in a row. today he got an iv bolus of sodium chloride and steriods to try to boost his blood levels back up while the vets decipher the mystery of whatever it is that is ailing him.

sadly rags the 3 yr old cat in fatty liver failure was euthanized today. the feeding tube was a last ditch effort to try to reverse the deadly liver damage but it was not meant to be.
huge thx to Eastridge vets and staff for trying to save this little girl.
rest in peace little rags, may the other side greet you gently.



Can someone take pictures of these 4 guys and email to me at I need to get them animal sponsorships for W4W. Thanks Sheila