Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2017

there has been a lot happening....
stella's pathology is back on her mammary tumors, thankfully they are benign..however they did not get good margins on one so it might grown back. her drains are out, now she just has to wait for suture removal and then she is ready to find a new home.

faith had her bunny abscess return, it was drained today.

squirt and little bear have their ultrasounds tomorrow. really worried about what will be found.

also really worried about sunny, he has his xray tomorrow...and if no masses are found, he will go ahead with his dental. hoping no masses are found!

carl collapsed suddenly yesterday, the vet came and checked him over and sent off some blood work. looks like severe kidney disease leading to severe anemia which led to his collapsing from weakness. we are trying a couple of different things to see if he can feel better. in the meantime we set him up a llama hospital pen to keep him safe and easier to monitor how he is doing. carl is into his 20's now....i keep forgetting he is no longer young.

kudos to everyone over the past couple of days who have helped take care and keep carl safe!

hope floats that all of our guys currently on the 'worry list' get moved to the 'doing ok list' really soon!


Brenda Mc

"Hope floats"....yes please. Maybe hope needs to swim hard instead of just floating!
Prayers for Carl, Little Bear, Sunny, Faith, and my Squirty.