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i don't know who i speak to on this blog

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2017

but i use it for various things..mostly just to keep folks who care in the loop of saints happenings.
sometimes i use it to educate, sometimes to share good and bad things.
sometimes i just use it when i am freaking out, really upset, unbelievably sad, totally scared about something.

right now i am worried, the vet bills are thru the roof. the big fundraiser is coming and every year i wonder...will it be enough?

vet costs have escalated dramatically over the years...i remember the days of $50 spays, $30 neuters, $300 dentals, $800 cruciate surgeries.

those days are long gone..distant memories like when gas was 38 cents a liter.

was it easier back then? in some ways it was...$100 xrays used to be enough but now there are $500 ultrasounds, $2000 CT scans, and $4000 MRI's.

speaking of..i just picked up squirt and lil bear from their joint thousand dollar ultrasounds. both are cleared of tumors so squirt isn't dying and bear's newly diagnosed cushings is probably treatable. really great news that still makes my stomach sink when i think of the addition to the vet bills.

there are some days when i need to give my head a freaking shake...what the hell was i thinking to rescue only senior and special needs animals? when almost every single animal ends up costing us thousands of dollars in vet bills?
even our long term healthy guys are way up the getting old road. squirt is pushing 16 now, carl is in his twenties, sunny has been wracking up bills as he hits 14. all of these guys have been healthy, lived here for years without too much wrong but now old age is waving its big ticket price tags in order to keep them feeling well.

ok..i am done whining (but i will keep worrying..)..i will try to keep hope floating as the big gala draws near.
i hope people come, i hope we make lots of money so we can pay down some of these huge medical bills.
hope floats til it sinks.
and thx for listening..sometimes you just gotta share really worrying things.


Brenda Mc

It'll be ok.... People always come thru for Saints..hope floats, as usual!