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fancy free

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2017

new senior cat today...she is a beauty, gorgeous girl. sadly she was declawed a couple of homes ago in her youth and has had serious litter box issues ever since. her last home hoped that with unlimited vet care and a willingness to search out and trial every possible remedial option that she could be cured. but the problem is not really that fancy mistakenly pees in all the wrong places, it is that fancy is sensitive and that causes her to be anxious and sensitive and anxious cats who pee inappropriately are nigh near impossible to re-litter box train. peeing on stuff is their way of nervously saying..hey i belong here, this is my place, really, i do, please don't make me feel unsafe. they are like some poor little kid desperately holding on to his lunch kit when the bigger and scarier lunch stealing kids show up. to cats like fancy fear quakes inside them and possible threats lurk around every corner.

its not hard to find the root of her emotional problem...a young innocent cat wakes up minus 10 really painfully gone toes, it hurts to walk, she can't jump very well and knows she is now disabled and vulnerable. the litter in litter box hurt her now painful feet so she pees outside the box. home number one gets frustrated with her and eventually leaves her alone and afraid in a shelter. home 2 adopts her, puts up with her peeing issues for many years but suddenly move and can't find a place that will take her. so older but not calmer or wiser, once again she is alone and afraid in a shelter. home three adopts her and hopes against hope that they can find a way to help her pee in appropriate places but as couches and carpets and pillows and mattresses all get destroyed despite all the multiple things they have tried and fancy is again without a home..cast adrift in our scary shelter today. poor, poor innocent babe.

so today really royally sucks for her and intermittently so has the rest of her years. but the good news is, anxious and sensitive fancy is a survivor despite her fears. and she just landed herself in the very one place that doesn't care where she pees. everything we have is washable and anything destroyed can be tossed away and replaced. she has joined the ranks of saints several other inappropriate pee'rs who we without interference, without frustration, without any hope that they will get better in their litter box use, let them do what they need to do while we follow behind and clean up after them.

we understand that for some broken animals peeing and pooping in all the wrong places is the least of their issues. the biggest issue is that they don't feel safe. they don't feel like they fit well in this world. and even when they finally do..years and years of pee'ing where ever is so ingrained, it is so natural for them, it feels comfortable to them to continue.

fancy you are a good girl and perfectly fine just the way that you are. we have no expectations of you, we have no remedial plans for you, you get to be just who you are.
we have mops...and we do lots of laundry so we won't notice a little bit more....and we will love you no matter what.
hope floats she settles in soon, we want her to feel safe and be happy. welcome fancy, free at last to pee wherever you need to.



Yes I pray she settles in quickly. She's in a great non judgmental home :)

shelagh f

did not realize that declawed cats could have such problems.
guess I'm lucky Missy is just a scaredy cat. Welcome Fancy