Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 21, 2017

i have been away for a couple of days at the cabin, huge thx to the staff for covering for me. i spent the first 24 hours mostly sleeping..15 on and off hours, unconscious in dead to the world mode. i actually became somewhat alarmed and thought i might be sick or turning into rumplestiltskin! but by the second day i was awake and doing stuff, a ton of laundry that i brought with me from home, organizing storage and shelves, pulling out the furniture and giving the floors a corner to corner cleaning, and just generally getting the cabin ready for winter. i watched several movies, made myself actual breakfasts, lunches and know normal living stuff and i do feel a little bit renewed.

a bunch of stuff has been going on at saints...summer continues to need wound care for a previous surgery to her knee. the vets took the bandage off again and we are hoping this time it remains fly free. carl had some repeat blood work. we think he is doing a bit better but we will see what the blood work says. mo and i have been discussing his winter housing now that he has joined the ranks of the elderly and frail. we have a couple of ideas but will need some tool savy folks to help us implement some housing adjustments.

there have been quite a few vet runs over the past week or so...little bear is getting his cushings med dose tweaked which means a few trips back to the vets. pixie had quite a bad ear infection but with treatment is now feeling better. sailor bob has taken a bit of a nose dive so he was in today for blood work too. tang and huckleberry finally came off the in and out monitoring list..both of them were slowly recovering from extensive dentals. a few of the fosters were also in at the vets...the combined medical care for all of these guys at times is financially painful.
hopefully we have a really successful gala this weekend so we can pay off a huge chunk our Mount Everest sized vet bills.
hope floats...

it was good to be away but it is jumping back in with both feet as soon as i walk back in the door.
i think i need to figure out how i can regularly rest and de-stress just a wee bit more so i don't waste the first 24 hours off time in some kind of sleep induced coma.



Carol, my husband was asking me about helping out there as he has some time off with a few jobs going now. I will get him to email you, his name is Doug but his email will come thru as M1maintenance. The most recent email I have for you is I hope that is still correct.

Brenda Mc

That explains why Pixie was "off" on Sunday. She didn't want a collar on to go for a walk, and she usually loves her walks. Poor little thing...hope she feels better soon.
Glad you had a few days at the cabin Carol, before the Gala. I'm sure it will be a huge success. All we need is some generous folks who have deep pockets....many of them! Enjoy....