Rescue Journal

thank you.

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2017

it was a really great night last evening at our gala. so many super kind, generous and supportive people gathered together to assist our saintly crew....i just want to cyber hug everyone and send out a huge heart felt thank you.

i also want to recognize all of the hard work, all of the attention to detail that pulled the event off so well. kudos to sheila and leila for spearheading the event and putting in so many hours and hours and days and weeks to make it a success. kudos to all of the people who helped them in any large or small way from donors to go-fers and anything inbetween. great thx to nat and annette for not only their professionalism in hosting/mc'ing but also their intrinsic grace in bringing us all together in those moments of caring and celebrating saints.

big thx to erin for animal sitting for the evening so i never worried for one single moment about what was happening at home.
and more big thx for all of the volunteers here saturday morning helping us get the animals well taken care of before we took off for the night.

it takes a village...or maybe an army but yesterday from the moment i opened my eyes until 1 am when i closed them again....saints animals past and present were safely held in literally hundreds of caring hands, hearts and minds


Lenore Henry

Once again Sheila and Leila, you both did a first class job organizing the Saints Gala. So much of your hard work and time is the reason it was so well received by all of us who attended. Thank you.

Lenore and Owen (and Saint Emma too ❤️ )


Way to go Sheila abd Leila. You guys did a fantastic job !! ..Again.

It was beautiful and all of us had a great time


Thanks Shelagh for coming to our rescue when I phone you at 9AM Saturday to say we needed a 3rd car and you came!!

shelagh f

the attention to detail is out of this world, as usual. They both
put a lot of effort and time into the annual gala

Lynne arnason

It was a great evening Sheila and Leila did an awesome job but I bet they r glad it's done lol lots of lovely people awesome food and hopefully we made a ton of money