Rescue Journal

"chaos as it's us against the world..."

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2017

those words from this year's gala video, resonates with me so strongly.

the ultimate fate of all domestic animals depends on the wants, the needs, the decisions, the whims of humans....breeders, owners, rescuers...we hold their fates in our hands.
how must it feel to be so helpless?
hoping against hope that their world can be gentle and kind.
sometimes it is, sometimes its not.
and they never actually get the choice.
"chaos as it swirls, its us against the world"....that is their voice.



Wow. You would think that song was written just for SAINTS. Beautifully done.

Brenda Mc

So beautifully done. Very special video. I love the part that shows Carol in the Memorial Garden....but there are so many gorgeous shots. It captures Saints perfectly. Thank you


There's a part in the song where he sings "in my heart she left a hole" and it shows Daisy's chime..... I LOSE it every time I watch 💔