Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2017

fancy is still really shy but doing ok...i think she feels a little bit safer in the medical room.
new senior cat noelle is settling in well. she is a real people fan but not so fond of poppy's out to steal her food!
owen finished donetello's new turtle habitat, dionne will set him up in it this weekend. THX owen and dionne!!
carl's new solo, frail, elderly llama's winter house is all set up..THX to wade and arnie! carl has his very own little cottage right next to dee dee, his favorite spot that he chose.

remember little foster dog bratwurst...2 spinal surgeries within 3 months to prevent paralysis?

well that little bugger blew another disc and had emergency surgery at Boundry Bay on friday. thank god for his foster family... A. for recognizing immediately what was happening so brat was in surgery within those first critical hours and B for donating $2500 towards his $7000.00 surgery. this time the neurologist fixed the new blown disc and the 2 disc's below as a preventative measure. so with 4 discs now repaired and fused, hopefully that little brat will quit blowing the discs in his spine. hope floats that this is it. cuz we can't keep rescuing him from a life in a wheelchair..third time hopefully is the magic number.. in any case he will be coming back to saints for the next few weeks once he is released from hospital so we can ensure he gets 24/7 post spinal surgical care.
that dog is sweet and adorable but he is an expensive pain in the ass.

the good news today is...
little rocky went off into foster care with lisa... sid's(rip) fabulous foster mom.
and dudley was adopted by carolyn (kyle's adoptive mom)..kyle was also a parapalegic daxie that came to us far too late to keep from a life in a wheelchair.

no one wants to live in a is much easier for those who can walk and run.



Fancy seems a nice cat. Comes out of her hiding place when you sit down with her and likes getting petted. Definitely a soft purr happening when you rub under her chin.

Brenda Mc

Omg ..Poor little Brat...hope he recovers and heals quickly again.
Such good news for both Rocky and Dudley. ..Woohoo!
and Yay to Owen for giving a very lucky turtle a great new lily pad.