Rescue Journal

rest in peace sweet summer

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2017

Our beautiful goat Summer passed away today. She has had chronic knee problems and finally she was feeling better after this last surgery. Then suddenly she did not want to eat more than a few bites of food at a time. Believing Summer was in pain, we called out our awesome farm vet Brent to have a look. Brent wanted to do xrays, and sadly they confirmed the worst. Summers knee was fine, but she had developed cancer in the bone of her jaw. Bone cancer is very painful, and the difficult decision was made to let her go before the pain took over. Thank you Agwest Veterinary Group for your care of our girl.



After being picked up as a stray that nobody wanted.....I'm so glad you had a soft place to land and enjoy your last few years with friends. RIP


Rest In Peace, Summer. It’s been a pleasure knowing you these past years 💞