Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2017

bratwurst is home from his surgery. it is not going well...he is not moving his back legs, he is unable to pee on his own. we have him set up in a cage in the TV room and he is totally pissed off at being confined and wrecking his cage. i just pulled all of his saturated towels out that he dumped into his water bowl. luckily he is so cute because he is an expensive royal pain in the neck.
hope floats that third time pays for all and the little bastard will walk again.

balto is out on a trial..he needs to get along with the resident dog. balto can be picky and choosy about his friends...hope floats that he likes this new friend.

i have been thinking about summer...that frightened and sick little goat who found us a couple of years ago. we saw her thru her chronic mastitis, we saw her thru her arthritis and infected knee. finally we were actually making progress to get her healthy and then boom out of no where...cancer invades the bone of her bottom jaw and life is over in the blink on an eye.
sometimes life just seems so unfair.

fancy is slowly coming along.
can't decide if donatello likes his new habitat..he certainly is not looking all that enthusiastic. this is weird because we built him a GREAT turtle habitat!! i don't know a lot about turtles...maybe they don't like change?
hah! maybe turtles and people have something in common... i know a lot of humans just like that!
newby noelle however has made herself right at there is someone who weathers change like a champion.
who'd have thought a turtle would out-sensitive a cat???


Brenda Mc

Oh no....such a shame for the dog....and a wasted trip for you. Too bad. Sorry I couldn't help you out that day...esp since Thunderbird Motel is so close to home.....working in North Van is so inconvenient at times 😊


no the people who had him weren't the owners, when i tracked down the owner.. homeless...she refused to surrender him to us.

Brenda Mc

Sure hope all goes well for both Brat and Balto....Carol...did you pick up the dog in Hope?


Big change for Donatello from a bright light clear tank to a dark black one. Maybe more of light in there?