Rescue Journal

finding peace

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2017

as night falls and the foggy rain sweeps thru the air....i feel grateful that the animals and myself are warm and dry within.
remus went off to his new adoptive home so he will be spending this stormy night in comfort and safety as well.
we had the second wonderful group of Envision volunteers here today, they put together a donated dog house, did some cleaning and tidying up and moved some heavy loads of gravel in the pouring rain to make a less messy walking area in and out of big bears private room. Thank you!

i still have been worrying about escalating costs. we just got a $4000 water bill from hauling in water all summer long. the vet bills didn't all get paid off from the gala, we just didn't make quite enough. and of course bratwurst blowing his spine yet again, just made a difficult situation even worse.

but here is the thing..rescue is not easy, every day there is something that crops up and has to be dealt with. most days it is a struggle..body, mind or spirit..all three can take various hits.

i am reminded that while each day isn't always pretty, that it often is unfair or unkind...there is still that gift in living a life with purpose.

in the past dozen years, almost 1000 animals have walked thru our doors..the buildings and fences are a little beat up, i am a little worse for wear, we have survived physical trauma, and emotional drama, and soul wrenching disillusionment, disappointments, sadness and one thing has not changed over the years....saints is still here. we have kept hope floating for many senior and special needs animals year after year.

as night falls and the foggy rain sweeps thru the air...i feel immense gratitude that 1000 animals and myself were able to find comfort and purpose here. and in a dozen more years or so...maybe 1000 more.
hope day at a time.

(the mp building in 2006. today it houses 16 animals safely.)



I’m soooo happy Remus is in a home :) He is such a love bug!
Thankful also the second storm didn’t come :/
Great to see the before pic of the MP. Amazing job on everything everyone does.


Good to hear about Remus. He deserves his own home. Glad I got to spend tons of extra time with him on Sunday. Such a loving cat.


Wow, the MP room looks so different now. Do you have any more before and after pics?


You need something like this for your water.

Shelagh F

hats off to the Envision volunteers, if they were working outside
today, they deserve a standing ovation. Magee and I went for
a couple of quick walks today, and got soaked, Dora said you
must be kidding, I'll pee on the cement patio. At least the well
should fill up soon with all this rain, hopefully.
Remus is a nice boy, thanks to the family who took him home