Rescue Journal

Huckleberry passed away today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2017

Transferred from New Westminster Animal Services back in July, we tried everything we could to make Huckleberry feel better. He had FIV, and even after a major dental surgery to help alleviate the stomatitis pain, it just didn't happen. We tried every medication available, but Huckleberry just could not find relief enough, and it was starting to take its toll. Quality of life is such a hard thing to measure, we wish there was more we could have done, but the vet agreed, we were out of options. Huckleberry passed peacefully with both Anne and Roane by his side. He was a really sweet loving boy, and he will be missed.


Lynne arnason

He was very sweet loved his head scratches so sorry for your loss

Brenda Mc

I really liked Huck....nice cat....even tho he wasn't feeling well he still loved to hang out in the kitchen with all the activity, often sitting on the gate to the laundry room watching everyone. RIP Huckleberry


RIP Huckleberry. You were a real sweetheart and deserved an entire lifetime of love.