Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2017

busy fairly large pot belly pig in today. saints welcomes winston. he is a sweet boy and we are hoping for a smooth adjustment for him.

a stray came in old boy named clover. he was re-united with his family tonight and i bet he is really glad his adventure today is over!

we have ruled out pretty much everything with sunny, but he is continuing to lose weight. at 14 yrs old now, i am thinking there is an underlying cancer so i am switching him to palliative care.

ella decided to bite the hand of one of our new volunteers when she went to pet harry. ella can occasionally be a total hag. so she is back in confinement until all of the volunteers and visitors are gone for the day. she doesn't look happy in that pen but too bad, she can come out when there are no new folks to torture.
i have been avoiding putting up signs here because i don't like them but ella has forced me to reconsider. so there are now warning signs on each of "the not always nice" animal areas..the real dickheads got 2 just in case.
sigh...i should have just stuck with rescuing nice dogs.

AGM tomorrow at 1230...everyone is welcome. and since the mp building is full of not nice dogs..i think we will have to meet in the shop..i will clear out some space in the morning. i was supposed to do it today but got distracted by new pigs and biting and lost dogs.


shelagh f

I hope Remus and Balto are doing well in their new homes.
Both nice guys and so deserving. Just don't leave all Balto alone
and you will be ok, he needs some company, a buddy will do,
otherwise he can be a bit destructive.