Rescue Journal

in talking about making not so great decisions...

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2017

pigs are not immune. in many ways i see cats and pigs emotionally as closest to humans...their thinking is somewhat self serving and highly complex.

so...a couple of our volunteers have put in some heavy duty effort to make sure all of the pots had equal maximum space, to safe free roaming time, to our vision of pig quality of daily life.

are they grateful or appreciative? are they cooperative positive thinkers? no. are they willing to give the new digs a fair and honest try? no.

the barn staff tried several different ways, several differing neighborhood combinations where the pigs still had their personal space but more easily access to free field time.

hell no..lets just toss a fit, lets act like The Hulk and smash out a new gate and try to kick some available ass.

pigs have no respect for barriers that they think should not be there.

and a pig on a mission (combat or otherwise) is mighty in their determination for success.

everyone got sent back to their original hood and peace reigns again.

who cares if it is twice as much work for the humans to rotate everyone in and out, to make sure susu doesn't see twosy, and ginger doesn't see winnie or susu, but she can see twosy, teddy and gracie as long as they don't bug her and stay 10 feet away.

it is a little complicated pig daycare.



he is doing ok..we are watching him carefully. we took him back in to the vets for his URI and the vet was finally able to palpate a mass in his belly, she thinks he most likely has a lymphoma.