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Bratwurst is asking for help

Sheila  ·  Nov. 6, 2017

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Bratwurst came to SAINTS March 2017 because he suddenly was paralyzed and his young owner did not have the $6,000 - $8,000 funds required for spinal surgery. Fast forward to November 2017 and Bratwurst body has been through a lot of trauma. He has now had 3 surgeries – his last being at the beginning of October. Bratwurst has now blown 3 discs! In his last surgery the neurologist fixed the new blown disc and the 3 discs below as a preventative measure. We are hoping 3 times is the charm as we do not want Bratwurst’s life to be filled with one surgery after another. After the first two surgeries Bratwurst worked hard at water therapy and physical therapy and learned how to walk. This time he is not recovering as quickly. He seems to have some control over his bladder, and he can wag his tail but that is it. We are still hopeful.

Bratwurst can now be called the $20,000 daxi. His surgery has come at a time when we have $30,000 outstanding vet bills to pay off so we have asked Bratwurst to reach out to the public and see if he can get people to help pay off his vet bill of $7,000. Matt Kerr and his team Team Kerr have generously offered to match every dollar donated (up to $2500) to help us reach our goal.

Bratwurst has only one word HELP!

Click here to donate #emptyyourpurseforbratwurst



Hi Sheryl.

Yes it will. I will just enter your donation manually as an offline donation. Thanks!


I don't like using FundRazr.

If I donate thru Canada Helps will that qualify for the matching donation?