Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2017

for the past couple of weeks, i have been on vacation. but i was sick so it really was more of a sickation. in any case i didn't feel like blogging. i still don't but i am going back to work tomorrow so i thought i would catch everyone up before i regret my choices at the end of tomorrows day.

carl was doing well, then he wasn't. so we had the vets back out...its an ongoing problem..his kidneys are so damaged they are dumping proteins which makes him anemic. another shot of antibiotics, B12 and thiamine and he is perkier again. we are going to do weekly B12 and thiamine now and see if that helps him feel better for a little while longer. he really likes his new little house but he won't let us close one of the doors to provide a bit of a wind screen. we tried to force the issue but he just laid outside in the cold. the staff got a warm, small horse coat on him today so he is a bit warmer and mo and josh are going to rig up some tarps for wind breaks on the weekend.

brad has a swollen and sore foot...the vet checked him out too and he is on pain meds and antibiotics.

that cutie mattie..stray unclaimed young cat went into the vet today for her pre spay check up. she has severe stomatitis which is such a nightmare to treat esp in a cat as young as she. luckily one of our great vets fell in love and has decided to adopt mattie and provide her with the ongoing care she will need. yay mattie!

mario (one of saints foster dogs) was cleared today for ear surgery. he has been battling chronic infections for years. last spring we sent him to Boundray Bay Specialty hospital and they sutured a cathetor into his ear in an attempt to get the medications all the way into the ear canal. it didn't work, we are finally going to remove the full ear canal and hopefully then that poor little boy will finally be done with his sore ear.

sunny is slowly fading away but he is still eating his temptations and cuddling with jet but the end is coming near.

bratwurst is out of the cage, he is seeing a rehab specialist later this week.

new dog in..micro is a super cute fat little dog with a collapsing trachea and cardiac disease, he has a potential adopter meet and greet this weekend.

enok is having some family walks with a potential new home. we are just waiting to see how things go.

i think that is all of the news.



Speaking of Jet and Sunny. Here is Sunny in healthier days (Feb 2017 to be exact).


Thank God (not that I am religious) that the supportive Saints vets step up to help these young souls, Mattie, Timmy, etc...


Yay Enok!! <3 He deserves the best home possible. Such a special guy.