Rescue Journal

eyes of terror

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2017

some things in life are just too heartbreakingly sad.
how about a 3 month old, injured, terrified, feral kitten running in panic down the middle of a busy highway?

luckily for her, one of our staff was on that highway taking bear to the vets.
she and another kind lady, stopped traffic and ran that poor baby down and grabbed her.
she has bite wounds on her face, bite wounds on her hind end, she has torn out her claws trying to escape whatever mouth was upon her.

and now she is safe in a warm and comfy cage here at saints.

but in her eyes i still see terror, i see her desperate need to escape and fly.
for although she is just a baby, in her heart she is wild.

tonight we are the monsters of her most horrific dreams.

i tell her she will find safety and kindness here and her name is now lizzy.
its truly ok now, try hard to believe.
welcome baby



I'm feeding two young feral cats in my community right now. I think they are from the same litter. If I try to get near them, I see the fear and terror in their eyes as well and they just run off. It's so sad. Lizzy is one of the lucky ones. Kudos to the staff member and other lady who risked life and limb to catch her! She's beautiful.


Sweet sweet Lizzy, you will only know warmth, a full belly, safety and never wavering love from this day forward.

Brenda Mc

Awww....I hope Izzy's eyes show trust and contentment soon...poor little glad she landed at Saints