Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2017

lizzy the new little feral kitten finally ate last night. that is a relief. she is a tiny little hissing spitfire, brave little soul to fend off someone as big and scary as me. i am trying to decide what is best for her to give her the best chance in accepting and embracing the benefits of a positive relationship with human beings....keep her here and we work with her the best that we can or send her off to a feral kitten experienced foster home?
i am going over the pro's and con's of both.

brad pitt is such a worry. it is almost a full week since he started his antibiotics but his leg is still swollen and painful. we upped his anti-inflammatories and are adding tramadol. brad is an elderly pig...we think at least 12 or 13 years old and he is not bouncing back from things like he used to. the vets have been out twice in the past week to see him...fingers and toes crossed that the meds kick in really soon.

big bear had his sore leg looked at..xrays showed nothing so most likely soft tissue injury. he had some blood work done too..increasing his insulin and looking further into a possible thyroid disease.

bratwurst is doing well with his physio...anne has been doing his treatment frequently during her shifts. he goes back in to see his rehab vet on tuesday for another accupuncture treatment.

mario is coming back from foster this weekend. his ear surgery is booked for monday and he will stay here during his initial recovery before returning to foster care.

carl is hanging in...the staff got a warm jacket on him and mo and ko came last week to set up some wind breaks for him. he won't let us close the doors to his shed. it is difficult providing palliative care to a stubborn llama who has different priorities in his head. sigh...we are doing our best to meet him somewhere in the middle so his final days are comfortable and he feels content.

potential homes for both enok and micro are still in the works. micro is pretty much a no brainer..he is such a cute little bugger but his health issues need to be considered. enok is working on blending in with his potential new homes dogs, i am confident he will get there.

i am still not 100%..i am back to work but am battling the loss of my voice, still some coughing if i get too active and the left over fatique. yikes...well into week three so don't expect too much of me!



a posting on Lost Pets BC says that the horse and rider were found by the RCMP and reunited.


there is a abandoned horse in Chilliwack on teapot hill he was found and left by finders up this trail,he looks to be in bad shape and needs a rescue,the people who found him left him up there and took pictures and posted him on craigslist under lost pets and the pets section,i am 1 person,old ,and have been emailing everyone ,nobody calls anymore I saw the posting on craigslist and asked the people who found the horse to contact me ,they left horse up there,teapot hill in Chilliwack,please save this animal,please


We started fostering kittens that don’t want to be touched a year ago. Leila does most of the work. I think our foster guy has got a home. We could take her and have her adopted out from our home.