Rescue Journal

sad saints day

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2017

sunny passed peacefully away today after a long battle with lymphoma. he was one of the very original saints who started on this journey with me more than a dozen years ago. sunny was one of the fruitloop trio, the orange boys, 3 half grown feral cats trapped before saints was even a glimmer in my oft teary eyes. he and his two brothers were exactly what saints was all about..three anxious, spraying cats unable to fit into the real world and so we created a world that perfectly fit them. mango passed a couple of years ago, tang is still with us, elderly but going strong. Sunny was the shy and sensitive one who loved nothing more than cuddling with the other cats. rest in peace sunny-boy, may your good friends mango, dixie chick and ogidie surround and cuddle you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

brad pitt also passed peacefully today from a gone wild infection that the antibiotics could not control. brad was so well loved and cared for here by our wonderful staff and volunteers. he came here as a discarded commodity but became one of saints most important persons. all of us will miss his hopeful greetings where he just knew an extra special treat would appear. we will miss him joyfully running thru the riding ring during one of his favorite treasure hunts with mo. brad lived a good life here where his comfort and happiness were important to everyone and we are all the better for knowing and loving him. rest in peace sweet brad pitt.


Lynne arnason

Rip sunny and brad brad always said Thankyou when you gave him an apple he would pick it up and then turn and look you straight in the eyes with much appreciation he was a special pig I'm not in the barn but always felt compelled to stop by his house to feed him it made him feel good and me feel good I will miss doing that as will many others


I’m sorry for the losses of Brad and Sunny :(
Incredible they found their forever home in the loving care of Saints.
Hugs to u all.


I spent as much time as I could with Sunny on Sunday. He was eating Temptations up until I left. It took years for this little fellow to warm up to me (and his brushing) Miss you dude.

Lenore Henry

Thank you Carol for telling both Brad and Sunny’s stories - I am so sorry…they will both be very missed...❤️


Oh Brad - can't believe such a larger-than-life (literally and figuratively) soul has gone. He was an awesome pig. We'll all miss him so much. It was so much fun giving him pears and carrots - he ate them with such joy (and such bad table manners). Loved you Brad - rest peacefully, big boy, So sad to hear about Sunny too. I didn't know him well, but had a chance to visit with him briefly on Sunday.

Brenda Mc

Such a sad day...with another 2 special losses at Saints....RIP Brad and Sunny boy....both will be missed🐷🐱