Rescue Journal

saints welcomes walter and milly

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2017

they are tiny feeder goldfish. walter showed up as a special treat for donny the turtle, but erin was able to scoop him out before donny ate him! we zipped down to the petstore and bought walter a small tank and another little feeder fish friend. and apparently now we are rescuing goldfish...which made both walter and milly quite happy!



My mom bought a feeder fish for her blue cray fish and it couldn't be bothered. That feeder fish grew to 6" long and lived for 5 years hahaha so this should be interesting!!


I bought him for Donnie to eat, maybe he was saving him for later.


Poor little Walter! Glad he was saved and now has a buddy. Nothing that happens at Saints surprises me anymore, LOL!