Rescue Journal

simon passed away today

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2017

he has had a long battle with cancer and the cancer finally won.
he was such a funny little dog, completely loving the folks that he loved and biting anyone else. he was a mess when he arrived here several years ago. he had the worst mouth our vets had ever seen, needing 32 abscessed teeth removed. we found him a home once but he tossed a total fit and had to come back. he was so mad on the day he came home, stomped right past me to his bed in the closet, stared right at me and very clearly said..."don't ever do that to me again!"
we were simon's final home by his very own choice. for some reason he decided that we were what he wanted and he wasn't willing to give anything else a try.
i was lucky enough to be one of simon's friends but renee was the love of simon's life. today he passed peacefully in her arms, knowing he was loved.
rest in peace simon, you were deeply loved and we will all really miss you.


Lenore Henry

Simon, you were a very sweet soul and will be missed by all of us…thank you Renee for loving him and being his very best friend ❤️

Brenda Mc

Good bye Simon....such a special boy...So very sorry Renee..I know you loved him with all your heart,...and he knew it. " Simon says" ... he was happy at Saints and felt greatly loved. ❤

Alyson N

A sweet and loving soul has left us. I do believe Simon felt totally as home with all of us at Saints and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. <3


Oh how I will miss him every single day, for the rest of my life. I loved him so very much 💔