Rescue Journal

two newbies...

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2017

saints welcomes...

Aura..a beautiful senior ragdoll cat with health issues whose elderly owner was no longer able to care for and ended up living in the basement where her owner couldn't reach her. Luckily aura was rescued by family and brought to BC but could not provide the ongoing care that she needs. she is a very sweet little cat.

Nikko..also an elderly partially blind, deaf cat with some serious pain issues. His elderly owners were ill and had allergies so Nikko was living outside until the could find a place to take him in. he was at the vets already today and needs to go back in tomorrow for further diagnostics. in the mean time, he is getting some good pain meds until we figure all of his problems out.



Hi Everyone,

I want everyone to know that to-day is my birthday. I am 16 years young and was born on November 25th, 2001. To tell the truth, I never though I would live this long because my early life was not good. However, 3 years ago after a "cruelty seizure" whatever that is I was taken to Saints. Life suddenly was much better with all the kind people there. It was so nice to have as much as I wanted to eat and not to have itchy skin anymore. Then there was another change in my life. I was told that Carol had found me a good home where they loved Chihuahuas and this is where I have lived ever since with my Chihuahua sister Lizzy and my honorary Chihuahua brother, Charlie who moved in last year. I've had a few health issues and my eyes and ears are not as good as they used to be. Also I don't have many teeth. However I still go for walks along the seawall (not in the rain though......I am a Chihuahua !!!) and love to sleep in my bed in front of the fire. My birthday present will be a big bowl of freshly cooked salmon which I love. I may share it with Lizzy and Charlie as long as they let me eat first.

I would really like to thank Carol and all the wonderful staff who gave me a second lease on life. My life is really good thanks to Saints.

Love Jimmy who is 16 years old to-day