Rescue Journal

I had my "test" yesterday

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2017

Except it wasn't a "test"...they lied!
I was taken to an unknown location and scurried into a back room where i was restrained while a needle was stuck into my neck to steal some of my blood.
I was horrified.

I ask you...who does that to poor innocent homeless cats???

AND i am still stuck in this cage until they get "the results."
The results of what??? A needle that sucked out my blood???

I think I am being held against my will by aliens or some kind of cult!
REALLY! think about it, maybe they didn't actually say it was an IQ test but they never said it was a blood sucking test either!
Only aliens or cult folks do that kind of shit...I have watched the news!

The other cats wander around here like happy go lucky brain washed zombies..I think they are putting something in the food.
I am going to get to the bottom of this and report these ultra weirdo humans to the authorities..this is animal abuse!
AND I will save those other brain washed cats too!

God is on it! stayed tuned!!



Dear God

Its not something in the food. There's a lovely plant they dry and put in toys ( or just scatter on the floor). It makes you feel euphoric and sort of loopy loony. Get them to give you some. All the indignities will be more bearable then. And soon you will see the humans only want to serve and worship you.

Sent to you by Squid via my human servant


God let me tell you, there is only one way they can make up for this. Tell them to give you Temptations. That is a really tasty treat and you have earned it!
You won't be in that cage forever, honestly. All cats go through what you did in order to live there. It's a 'right of passage' so to speak.
Hang in there, demand Temptations and soon you will be king of the castle!