Rescue Journal

we are bad.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2017

we have a bunch of projects on the go and none of them are completed. so my goal this week off from work is to get some of them done and out of the way. i hired movers to move the freezers into the new food storage area. It cost a couple of hundred bucks but i wasn't hauling them from the shop to the mp and they weren't magically moving by themselves. Songmi and i made them look a little bit better by applying sticky shelf liner to the lids. it hides the ugly rust marks. today some of the volunteers and staff moved all the dog food over which i am so grateful for so now that is off my list! tomorrow i will finish off organizing the barn feed freezers still out in the shop. i want to shift them around a bit to maximize space out there and make access to them easier. Then all that is left is tidy up the rest of the shop, finish off winston's new in/out area, paint the wire walls in the mp room and renovate the old bird aviaries which are currently used for storage back into bird aviaries.
shit..that's a lot of stuff to do in the next 6 days!
(if anyone wants to come and help..that would be freaking great!!)

not much actual news..the three new old sick and wrecked cats are settling in. both fancy and shadow are much happier over in the medical room. it is quieter over there.
new bunny in..his name is Smaug (the dragon from the hobbit.) we didn't name him, he came that way. he is a super nice and friendly bunny who is used to roaming free so he is not happy about being stuck in a transition cage. he is booked in for his neuter on monday so once his hormones settle, we are hoping to bond him to sullivan. we will see how that goes..the best laid plans of humans often go awry when bunnies have different ideas...and the buns always win.

poppy was extremely happy that i was working in her area today. she and i communicate very well together..she says i need another treat and i jump to it as i say ok.
(poppy says i am GOOD not bad!)