Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2017

sheila came and helped me get a supply of donations ready to send up to the northern rescues and shelters. tis the season to be sharing the blessings we have been given.
tomorrow the other shelagh is coming to start on the painting of the new wall. unlike certain walls which are about garnering political votes, our wall is stops ella from biting innocent people AND it still has a welcoming door for her friends!

did you see the photo of mystic on the facebook page...gosh she is beautiful!

i did the feed run and with doug's help got it all unloaded and into the now organized freezers. he was here working on some of our drainage issues..thank you for this!
today we also had doug2 here, he is volunteer fionna's HIGHLY talented tool wielding husband who is enlarging susu's outside pen for her. it looks GREAT....we all are so very grateful!

tomorrow i have one vet visit, and one inmate interview for our prison partnership program. then my chores for the day include digging out and replanting the junipers that previously was a garden but now is susu's enlarged pen. and finish tidying and organizing the shop. hopefully wednesday i can help with painting the MP wire walls! Thursday I would like to work on the new bird aviaries and if i am lucky, maybe on friday i can take the day off and have one day off before i go back to work on saturday. so far i am right on track getting the stuff i wanted to get done!!!

doug told me today that folks don't always realize all of the background stuff that goes on around here every day. this week is kind of special..A. i am not sick on this set of vacation so i can actually do shit and B i am on vacation and not sick so some extra stuff IS actually getting done....haha i am not procrastinating!! however even on not so special weeks, there is always lots of background stuff going on...staff meetings, vet discussions, supply and feed runs, problem solving, emails and phone calls, putting out fires, coming up with and fine tuning plans and projects...and of course baby talking to the animals, giving them hugs and kisses, bossing the staff around because one of the animals is clearly wanting something, like thru a door or gate..right freaking now! feeding treats and sharing my lunches and dinners with them. this is why they like me best, i feed them good stuff and make everyone JUMP for them!
this might be why the staff prefer it when i am at work and not screwing around with their very full of caring without my help day.

whatever..i can get away with it because i provide pizza for staff meetings!
i learned this a long time ago..animals and people will like you even if you are a pain in the ass if you feed them pizza once in a while!



he is doing well...occasionally being a bit of a dick with his sisters but they are working it out.