Rescue Journal really does come in three's... blimey!

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2017

haha! my christmas shopping is done. yay!

i did not finish all my pre-ordained chores today...i got sidetracked by a quick trip out to the cottage to check in on a couple of projects out there. bad. by the time i got home from the vets it was dark so instead of organizing the shop which i should have done... i finished my xmas shopping on line instead. i adopted an orangutan orphan for each of my kids and their families.
if you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for your grown up kids (esp if you suck at shopping for gifts!), check out the orangutan project or one of the other sponsorship giving type gifts on line (saints has those too!) i probably should have chosen saints...but since i live here, sometimes the saints gives me a headache and in all honesty... orangutans never do.

god is sick...looks like an upper resp. sometimes the new guys who haven't been well vaccinated over time, get sick when they enter a shelter. eventually their immune systems kick in but they need extra care and support until they get there. anyway, he is back in a cage and on monitering and meds. he is kind of pissed about that.

i got a bit pissy myself today when i found out that one of the dogs nipped someone and poppy got out and was in the driveway on the weekend...i was here and no one told me anything. not keeping me informed about stuff is a really good way to piss me off.. so just a reminder to everyone...if anything unusual happens or even almost happened, i need to know about it right away. new rule...tell carol EVERYTHING...(esp. pigs in the damn driveway!)

moving on...

shelagh did a great job starting on the mp room painting..more painting happening wednesday and thursday for those who missed out!

the three new old wrecked cats are cleared for dentals. we will wait until the early new year to get them all in the very best possible shape before they have to undergo surgery.

new sketchy, scaredy cat dog flying from up north on friday, shy has spent her entire 8 years living on a northern chain. and a pissy aggressive diabetic cat who hates everybody is also arriving on friday. oh freaking yay. three of blogging in a and now saved by the plaintive barking bell...zander is calling me!



Great news for orangutan lovers and those who want to help. Leif Cocks, the founder of the Organgutan Project is coming to town in January!!

January 15th - United Church in Langley ($15 ticket required. Funds go back to the org.) 9025 Glover Road.

January 16th - Vancouver Public Library (free).

He will be giving a talk and will have his book "Orangutans My Cousins, My Friends" available for purchase and signing!


Thank you for all the blogs. I love catching up on them.
All my best to all of u amazing Saints and of course the animal family too. Hugs!!!


What a fantastic gift idea!! I was out briefly yesterday was going to work on Winstons new digs..once I heard new hogfuel was coming thursday..I opted to wait until Friday.


Looking forward to meeting the new cat, sounds like a handful. Does she have a name? Why do I always feel drawn to the difficult ones??

Brenda Mc're on a blogging roll...
Any update on Mel and Pixie?....hope all is going well for them with their new brother.
Adopting/sponsoring an orangutan orphan.....what a great gift.....leave it to you to come up with such a thoughtful and compassionate idea. ...didn't know about any of the dogs actually nipping someone...was it Sunday?...both Brat and Pixie gave warning "snaps" at kids on the tour who were too "up close and personal"..even tho both Dawn and I were right there to keep them back....but didn't make contact as far as I knew.