Rescue Journal

4 days in a row..i should get a prize.

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2017

would you adopt a cat that poops in the kitchen sink?
that's exactly what i told patches!!!
she doesn't care.
so now i am bleaching it out again for another 20 minutes because that damn cat is just gross.

smaug (new bunny) had his neuter will take a few weeks for his hormones to disappear/

another new bunny is here...a family found him in a local park and were able to walk right up to him. they discovered that he was injured and took him to the vets who treated him for a foot abscess. the plan i think was to give him his antibiotics and then possibly return him from whence he came. unfortunately while the abcess did heal..his foot and leg remained a problem and he could not hop around. they had borrowed a cage for him and had him in the backyard with play time in the house but with the weather getting colder and him not getting better, they brought him to us to take over. he is a sweet little bunny...the staff named him shamus (the family just called him bunbun as a temporary name.) he is definitely a family pet who was dumped in the park and recently attacked. he is far too social to have been born out there plus he looks to be a PB lion head rabbit so someone most likely bought him from somewhere.
sucks to be a no longer wanted pet rabbit...a trip to the park, dump them out of a box, and watch the only world you have ever known simply drive away.
welcome are one lucky rabbit to now be forever safe. he goes in on thursday for a neuter and xray...hopefully we can help his bad leg.



Maybe Patches could be bribed to use a toilet instead? Sounds like a very clever cat, if perhaps a tad warped in her habits. :)


Patches is a character. A couple of weeks ago I had to wait for her to finish peeing in the kitchen sink so I could fill my bucket with water. Crazy cat.


i told anne when she named him that there was a great shamus who was here before.


He is super cute!!! I really wish people did more research before they brought bunnies home. 10+ year commitment!

And pooping in the sink.... oh my, gross!


Welcome Shamus. You're adorable (saw your photo on Facebook). Looking forward to giving you cuddles.

Nicole mc

Oh Shamus, such a good name.
I still remember that the original Shamus was the first dog to pass away when I first started volunteering. Such a sweet dog. And now a very lucky bunny.


Breaks my heart to think of thosed that are not fortunate enough to be found and saved after being dumped..dogs cats bunnys turtles ..all of them are lives..all of them want to live. With winter setting in and freezing temperatures are becoming the heart simply hurts. Welcome are safe.