Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2017

i miss baxter's head snuggles from his perch on high.

i missed a ton of sleep last night because new and absolutely adorable pogo barked and fussed ALL night.

i miss thinking shyla is the sweetest dog in the world. the honeymoon is over and she is a hag over food.

i miss the half of my back tooth that broke off at our xmas party.

and i miss that bottle of wine i traded away for a gravy boat that i then traded with brenda for body lotion stuff.
i miss that bottle of vin!

2 new cows trying to get in...apparently they will go to slaughter if we don't let them in. but we don't have room for 2 more cows and one is actually a steer. and our current steer chevy is already a problem cornering and chasing the staff, he can be a bit of a jerk.

new bitchy cat up in the suite is not near as bitchy as we believed her to be so that is very good news.

one more work day then i get 4 days off!
looking forward to that because quite frankly last weeks holiday days off were not any kind of days off and that totally sucked!


Brenda Mc

Thanks for that visual Tammy.....I'll never be able to use it now😊


New cows?! oh my!! That would be an adventure... If they do end up at Saints, I hope they are as sweet as Miss Joy was <3


Hey Brenda. I'm sure that if you took the gravy boat to SAINTS and left it on the kitchen counter Patches would gladly fill it for you. 😳 🐈

Brenda Mc

I miss that container of chocolates filled with Baileys that I originally had at the Xmas I have a gravy boat - filled with nothing!😊

shelagh f

pogo does seem adorable, but a bit stressed, poor thing.
She knows she is not in Kansas anymore, but that could be
a good thing. hopefully she will settle in soon. It's tough
when you are old, but, sight challenged and old, is a double
whammy. hope you both have a better night