Rescue Journal

so here is what sucks about rescue.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2017

a very nice and kind person gets attached to a couple of sweet cows where she buys her hay. said cows are destined for slaughter. kind person gets owners to agree to kind person trying to find the cows a good home. kind person desperate to save these animals contacts saints and pleads with us to take the cows and save them from slaughter.
and oh my freaking god...we really and truly want to.
but with 27 four footed hoofed barn animals already living on our tiny three acres, we really and truly do not have the room.
and now we know that 2 innocent cows that we had to say no to, will probably go to slaughter unless a miracle happens for them somewhere, somehow.
what kind of miracle?
well..someone compassionate, responsible and knowledgeable with time, money and space to spare could offer a forever pet home to those poor cows.
or someone could theoretically show up here tomorrow and offer to buy us a bigger farm where we would have room for a couple more.
but most likely neither will happen because this is reality and we live in the real world.
so we will just feel sick thru our souls that we said no to two innocent cows today.
it fucking sucks.



That breaks my heart as cows r so often simply disregarded, and disposable. Im sorry this was something that the lady, you and the Saints crew and the cow had to contend with. Life is truly unfair but miracles do happen and if not in this case at least u met another animal loved in the world. That is a beautiful thing to know there are more out there than we think.

Kathy Deyell

To All Saints,
I acknowledge your altruism and admire your deep desire to help the animals who are in need of love and care.
I affirm that your time, heartfelt efforts and (+) actions are truly making a difference... directly in the lives of those you shelter and indirectly in the world as a whole.
Sadly, I also accept that no matter what role each of us takes on in an attempt to make this a better place to live and be, we will not be able to save them all.
Thank you for being part of the Solution❣
I am grateful.

rae killoran

Hi Carol: Not really related to this blog but I need to send you an email and I have lost your email address. Could you send me one at Thanks, Rae


I am so sorry Carol, I am so sorry SAINTS and I am so very sorry Cows