Rescue Journal

oreo was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2017

i don't think there was a single one of us here that didn't love and feel especially protective of oreo due to the trauma that brought him here.
for those who don't know his story: One evening oreo was out for a walk with his beloved owner and she was brutally attacked while they were in the park. one week later she was found dead in her apartment with oreo by her side.

the woman had very young adult children who were in shock from the sudden loss of their mom and they brought oreo to us to care for and love.

oreo wasn't an easy dog, that time of trauma left deep scars in his mind. if we tried to put a leash or collar on him..if we even showed him something like a brush, he would attack us.
we know that oreo used to go for walks with his owner but now collars and leashes sent him into a violent frenzy. we know he spent his life periodically getting groomed but now there was no way anyone could get close to him with a brush. we truly believe he was deeply suffering from PTSD.

so we made some adjustments for oreo's emotional wellbeing, while he couldn't go for walks off property, he didn't need a collar and leash to run in our fields or goof around at the barn. and oreo really enjoyed these things. since we were unable to provide his even most basic grooming needs, 3 or 4 times a year we sedated him and took him into the vets where under full anesthetic they groomed him, cleaned his ears, trimmed his nails and gave him a check up while he was sleeping.

none of it was ideal, oreo was never "cured" but he was happy and he was comfortable here.

for the past few weeks both his health and his mental cognition have been declining. his confusion was getting worse, his arthritic pain was becoming an issue and getting meds into him became a constant struggle. this week he developed bloody diarrhea and for some reason started running away from his lunch and supper.

still...last evening while i was making dinner, that sweet little boy was following me around shoving his head in between my knees and rubbing his face on my legs, just like he does every evening. this morning i wanted to cancel his euthanization appointment but the staff offerred up all of the reasons that we had booked this for him which included his pain issues, his confusion, his not wanting to eat, his bloody diarrhea and of course his very extreme age...oreo was now 16. and i remembered the reason we booked this was so that he did not hit a crises and that i could be with him and not tied up at work and we could help him pass in a peaceful and gentle way.

so this morning renee went to the vets and picked up some sedation, we gave it to him here in his home. once he was drowsy and relaxed we carried him in a soft and warm basket to the clinic where colleen very kindly and gently helped him to pass away.

oreo passed peacefully with renee and my hands upon him. hopefully his mom is waiting for him on the other side and they are now reunited. we so hope both are now at peace.
rest gently dear oreo, you were well loved by all of us here.



I remember hearing of Oreos owners attack and tragic outcome. Hearing also of Oreo was equally sad until I found out he was at Saints. Although he may never have healed completely, he had love, fun, companionship (both furry and human), shelter and food.
I wiped the tears of sadness away while reading but am finding peace knowing he passed peacefully with you guys and that he is now reunited with his mama.
Sorry for ur loss and I’m thinking of u all through the hardships of rescue.

Lynne arnason

I'm so sorry for your loss I remember him in the kitchen always waiting to go the barn he really did love it there rip dear Oreo you will be missed by all


I am sure his mumma was waiting for him. Run free my little cookie, I will imagine you running all over at the barn upstairs. Rest well little one 😪

Brenda Mc

I knew this was coming soon.. but still brings tears. Thanks for taking the time Carol to give details and history on Oreo. He seemed so lost at he is finally Home. RIP Oreo

Alyson N

I know we will all miss him dearly but he is now in a much better place. <3

shelagh f

oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about Oreo, though he had
some issues, he found a good spot to land after all his trouble
at Saints