Rescue Journal

saints welcomes rosa

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2017

rosa is a 12 yr old nubian goat, her best friend, brother and life long partner died yesterday. her senior owner dearly loved these goats and is heartbroken by their loss. but here is the thing about really loving someone, you do what is best for them. rosa's mom knew rosa was going to be terribly lonely and she knew that was not fair to her. so she put her own pain of loss aside and came to ask if rosa could join our little goat family. it was a tough day for her, one loved goat being buried, the other loved goat taken away.
we will do everything in our power to ensure rosa feels happy, loved and safe.

we didn't rescue rosa, her mom did. she knew rosa needed a goat family and that having one was really important to her. she also knew in the reality of her own natural aging that bringing in more goats to her home might not be the best solution...a goats life is a long term commitment. i respect that rosa's needs were placed above her own when she searched out a responsible solution.
not all "rescued" animals come from terrible homes, some actually come from wonderful homes who love them so much that they break their own hearts and give them up to ensure their animal's well being and happiness.

i have a lot of respect for a love that rises above our own human needs.

hugs to rosa and her mom, today was a really tough day.



I love Rosa..cant wait until she feels safe and loved. Her mom was brave and I hope she knows Rosa will never want for anything.


She's beautiful. Welcome Rosa! I met her owner briefly yesterday, and she was definitely heartbroken to give Rosa up. I'm sure they'll miss each other very much, but Rosa's in a good place, with new friends.