Rescue Journal

the good, the bad and the (not so) scary!

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2017

rosa is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to saints. this would be because chewie chewbaca is a total dick.
we are on it, switcharoo's coming tomorrow.

shyla had her pre-spay check up today..she charmed everyone in the vet clinic..they think she is a doll.
keats thinks she is a chucky doll.

ella loves to bite strangers, she thinks it is fun. however, ella is actually a kissing face suck with the folks she knows and loves.

oscar the grouch is a grouch to everyone..he doesn't play favorites.

little buddy is temporarily back from foster..his skin is going south again and he is a twit about actually taking his medication. so far the staff are winning, we will see how long that lasts..buddy is a wiley one!

bitchy, cranky new cat zoe is actually very sweet.

new incoming diabetic FIV cat coming in tomorrow..he was trapped in a TNR sweep and his rescuers named him lucky, maybe he is lucky because he got rescued off the street but naming an animal lucky is just asking for unlucky shit. new name will be forthcoming once we actually meet him!

smaug the bunny is trying out living loose in the medical room. he is afraid of poppy..thinks we stuck him in a room with a fat dinosaur. hopefully he realizes soon that poppy is a very sweet little pig and not the least bit scary!

i think thats it for the updates except....

saints really is pretty in the snow.


shelagh f

Oscar does look pretty cute with his new haircut,
if only he could lighten up just a little