Rescue Journal

a couple of exciting things...

Carol  ·  Dec. 27, 2017

the shop has a new toilet..this one is push button so no more broken handle things running water constantly and flooding the septic system...yay!

and saints has a new puppy! koji is an eight week old blind lab puppy. he sees the eye specialists on friday and we will see if we can restore any of his sight. in the mean time he is currently asleep on my bed, luna and boomer are babysitting him. mystic is pretending he does not exist. she is a little bit worried that there might actually be someone on this earth cuter than her!
honestly? its a toss up! but he's pretty freaking cute!

big bear saw the vets today and had needle biopsies done. we will see if i am right and those are mast cell tumors or does he maybe have some weird skin infection going on. i am hoping i am wrong and it won't be the first time either!

leo is back in a cage his hernia surgical site was breaking down.

its snowing...again. yay, not.

arnie bought us a snow arrived today..yay! not that any of us know how to use it. tomorrow i will dig it out of the box and see if we can figure it out because we kinda need it right now.
thanks arnie!

i do really love my gently used bed. i ordered some sheets and a comforter from it should arrive in the next week or two. my biggest fear is they will join all the past sheets/quilts/towels that i have purchased for my own personal use and end up on the floor soaking up muddy feet and urine. so new rule..ok to leave my bed alone...even if dogs do sleep on it. i will take care of changing and washing the bedding myself so it never ends up as saints dogs stuff. its not that my stuff is too good for them...its just that they already have lots of stuff of their own...and i don't.

the end of another busy year is approaching...gosh i hope i have another whole new year of busy still in me!



Koji looks awesome but he doesn't have Mystic's big smile.

I could come out on Saturday or Sunday afternoon to assemble the snow thrower. Or later in the evening tomorrow, like eightish.

It makes me so happy to hear that the shop has a new toilet! All I had to do was get out of the way and the shop takes care of itself. lol


Quilts end up in dumpsters less often if they aren't touched by your staff ;)

Brenda Mc

Oh...Koji is a doll. I'd love to babysit him.❤ Saints, not at home....(just so we're clear)


Just look at Koji's totally adorable face. Mystic should be worried, I'm sure everyone will fall in love with him. Here's hoping the New Year brings only clean sheets and an unsoiled comforter, Carol.