Rescue Journal

maternal instincts

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2017

honestly..i had 3 kids and i adore babies!
shyla has had 3 litters and yet she was really mean to our new pup.
on a maternal instinct basis, shyla freaking sucks!

now my dogs on the other hand who have never had pups...ok mystic is kind of "see no puppy, hear no puppy"ish but luna is kind and gentle with the little one.
boomer as a boy is really good with koji too. i think he probably ran into a lot of puppies in his free roaming village so he is kind to little ones too.

shyla..what kind of mother were you???


shelagh f

having had many moms and pups in my foster days
for the spca, there were very good moms, who fed their
brood till the day the puppies left and jumped when
they made any noise. Then there were the
moms who only lay down and fed the puppies when no
one was around, and as soon as they could, they would
turn over the care to anyone else. No matter how much
whining and wimpering, they could care less. I think we
can say which one Shyla was.