Rescue Journal

Tours Cancelled Today - December 31st.

Sheila  ·  Dec. 30, 2017

The internet and Carol's cellphone are not working so communication from afar is limited.



Good to know. Managed to chisel out my truck to charge phone and get to internet to read this.

Melissa kelly

Hi! I am an owner of a senior St Bernard. I need to put him somewhere safe. My husband is threatening to put him down. My Pete loves the outdoors and has 200 acres to rome. However he wanders across our highway just 200 yards from our home multiple times per day. I'm fearful of him getting hit and causing a terrible accident. He seems to not hear well. We can not chain him because he will bark non stop. My husband farms and will not assure me he would keep him in garage. I work away from home up to 12 hours per day. He loves these subzero temps here in Wisconsin but will come in out of the cold daily at certain times for short periods. Can you help?