Rescue Journal

it has totally sucked up here

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2017

but so far due to our amazing staff and volunteers we are managing.
still no power, today was the first day of internet and cell phone service.
we have a generator that we can run for about 4 hours a day so we have water and lights..the rest of the time the animals and i sit in the dark.
however..2 rooms have gas fireplaces so at least those rooms have heat. we moved the frail dogs so they are warm. we do have flashlights so i can clean up little not so nice treasures in the dark. the volunteers have been taking away the laundry and bringing it back so our rotating linen stores are ok for now too.
we will have to throw away everything in the fridge..that sucks. right now i have essentials hanging in bags outside.
the property itself looks like a war zone, trees and branches down everywhere..the bottom field is off limits to is extremely dangerous as large branches continue to break and fall.
the roads are cleared of snow, trees and downed power lines which is good.
hopefully the power folks will get to us soon.
this is saints this morning curtesy of tammy!



Oh my goodness it is like the movie “Frozen” here in Mission and even Abbotsford :/
Can’t believe how long people r going without power.
I’m sorry Saints is going without for so long too. Brutal!
Keep Hope floating Carol and one moment at a time.
Happy New Year and all the best to u all amazing people and precious animals. Hugs!!!!


Hang in there. It sucks and it's cold long darkness, and the power will eventually come back on. You are all terrific because you just hunker down and deal with it. The animals are stoic too, and look to you for comfort and calm. Thanks for being there for them, and for reminding me of all that needs to be done. Happy New Year.