Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2018

every animal has a story that they need to tell us.
its not where they came from or the good or bad things that happened to them.
it's who they are now and maybe who they can become.
and sometimes it is just simple what they want and need...right now.

listening to animals is hard. our logical and knowledgeable brains speak over top of them and their voices get drowned out.
animals really aren't voiceless at all..they just live surrounded by deafness in the human world because we don't listen all that well.

last week we moved keats over into my room. he said that shyla was stressing him out in the computer room and he did not like living with her.
keats doesn't like change so moving him could have become an issue.
the day that we moved him and were setting up my room to suit him, he said he didn't like the way it was set up.
he wanted his good bed in the far corner but the bed that was there totally sucked.
we didn't want his bed over there because we were afraid the other dogs would run over top of him.
but keats was very clear...he wanted his bed there. so we put it there.
and he laid down, settled right in.
keats likes it when we listen to him.

each animal has his or her own story but every single page of that story is different. the pages flow together, each one following the other and creating the whole.
but if we don't take the time to read each of the pages, then their true story never really gets told.

last week keats spoke about where he wanted his bed. the next day I watched him as he lay there, looking out the windows and enjoying the unobstructed back yard view.
and I clearly heard him say...yeah, this is pretty cool.

download close attention and listen to what the animals tell you.


Lynne arnason

I’m happy for Keats he is a sweetie and yes a very good post

Jenna LaFrance

Thank you for this beautiful post. Listening to senior, ailing and all animals is a gift of caring that SAINTS, Carol and all SAINTS staff and volunteers seem to do so effortlessly. I continue to read all the posts and although I am far away, I still laugh and get very teary and very thankful for SAINTS every day.

Brenda Mc

Love this post. I can picture Keats laying happily watching the back yard thru the big windows.....especially after being an "outside" dog for so many years.
Now he can enjoy the warmth and comfort of inside with a view of outside...he's lucky to have caregivers with listening hearts...and no ear wax.👂